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Demo Download

Version 0.1.7

Important notes:

  • Please don't distribute or resend this page, I'm working very hard on this game, and every subscriber is really important to me, if you want to share this with a friend send him the subscription page.

  • Please be prepared for a very bare bones prototype, this is a really early prototype.

  • I will try to upload and notify you about new builds every couple of weeks, but I can't make a promise about it as I'm developing this alone, at nights after work and when my sweet baby is asleep :)

  • Your feedback is super valuable, both for game design and for my motivation, so please e-mail me back if you have any notes, feedback or suggestions.

  • Bugs! you will most definitely find them (my apologies), if you really want to help please send me a mail with  some details about the situation it happened, is it recurring etc...


  • Right Stick: Orient

  • Right Stick Click: Jump

  • Left Stick: Move

  • Right Button (single tap): Toggle Targets

  • Right Button (double tap): Cancel Targeting

  • Left Trigger: Lock Weapons On Current Target (when reticle is in the locking circle)

  • Right Trigger: Shot!

  • West Button: Repair

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